After How Many Puffs Change Coil: A Guide for Vapers

After How Many Puffs Change Coil

If you vape, you know coils are vital for your device 7. You may also want to consider changing the coil after how many puffs; we have all the info you need.

They heat e-liquid to become vapour you inhale. But coils don’t last forever & they wear out over time, affecting vaping & your health. So, when and how do you change coils?

Detecting coil change time and frequency isn’t simple. Coil lifespan depends on type, wattage, e-liquid, and device care. Here, we’ll cover it all:

With this, you’ll master coil changing and enhance your vaping.

How to Tell If Your Coil Needs to Be Changed

Signs Your Vape Coil Needs Changing:

  1. Burnt Taste: When your vaping tastes burnt, your coil is toast. It’s not vaporizing right due to high wattage, bad priming, or an empty tank. Your vape is in a bad place chemical-wise.
  2.  Gurgling Noise: If your vape gurgles, the coil is drowning in e-liquid. Old coils struggle. Less vapor means more spit back.
  3.  Weak or Weird Flavor: Vape’s taste is off? Coil’s flavor game is weak. Too many flavors or gunked-up coil ruins the mix.
  4.  Low Vapor: Less vape than usual? The coil’s not heating enough. Old coils resist, disappoint, and waste liquid.
  5.  No Vapor: Zero vapor? Dead coil. Burnt or damaged, it’s game over for the coil.
  6.  Visual Check: Take off the tank and unscrew the coil. Look for:
  7.  Burnt spots: Bad for flavor and vapor.
  8.  Residue crust: Clogs and kills performance.
  9.  Cracks or breaks: Physical damage messes things up.Ohm Meter:
  10.  Test resistance with an ohm meter. Compare to specs. Too high/low? Coil’s wonky.

How Often Should You Change Your Coil – After How Many Puffs Change Coil

Well, it’s not set in stone. It depends on a few things: the coil type, wattage, the e-liquid you use, and how you care for your device. But generally, most coils go about 1-2 weeks before needing a swap. Some last longer, others shorter.

Different coils, different lifespans:

Standard coils are basic, cheap, and usually go for 1-2 weeks.

Sub-ohm coils: They produce more but also use more. Still, 1-2 weeks.

Mesh coils: These are mesh-like and last around 2-3 weeks.

Ceramic coils: Tougher and cleaner, they hang on for 3-4 weeks.

Wattage matters:

Higher wattage means more power and vapour but wears your coil faster. Lower wattage? It’ll last longer.

E-liquid’s impact:

PG/VG ratio: PG gives more flavor, VG more vapor. High PG? Thinner and kinder to your coil. High VG? Thicker and coil gunker.

Nicotine strength: More nicotine can corrode your coil faster. Less nicotine, less corrosion.

Flavoring: Sweet and dark flavors? Coil clogger. Light and simple? Coil saver.

Maintenance tips:

Clean your tank: Keep it gunk-free. Rinse with warm water or alcohol and dry it.

Clean your coil: Remove burnt gunk for better flavor. A dry burn or soak in alcohol helps.

Store it right: Protect your device from damage, extreme temps, and sunlight. Keep it upright to avoid leaks.

How to Change Your Coil

Changing your coil is a piece of cake! You can totally handle it yourself. The steps might change a bit based on your device or tank, though. Let’s break it down:

1. Turn off your device.

Before you dive in, switch off your device. No accidental zaps, please! Hit that fire button five times, or use the power switch if you’ve got one.

2. Empty and take off your tank

No spills, no mess! Empty out any leftover e-liquid, or just vape it up. Then unscrew that tank from your battery or mod.

3. Remove the old coil.

Time to let go. Twist out that old coil from the base or chimney. Lefty-loosey, you know the drill!

4. Pop in the new coil

Greetings to your new buddy. Twist in the fresh coil to the base or chimney. Remember, it’s not too tight, just right!

5. Prime the new coil

Let’s get it soaked. Drip some e-liquid onto those wick holes and inside the coil. Wait a few minutes for it to soak in. Patience, young grasshopper.

6. Fill ‘er up and reattach

Liquid time! Pour your e-liquid into the tank until you hit the fill line. Then screw that tank back onto your battery or mod.

7. Tweak the settings

Let’s find that sweet spot. Use your device’s buttons or screen to adjust the wattage or temperature. Stick to the recommended range for your coil.

8. Vape away

The fun part! Hit that fire button, take a pull from the mouthpiece, and exhale the vapor. Start small and work your way up. No rush!

How to Make Your Coil Last Longer

Want your coil to last longer? It’s like a money-saving hack for better vaping. Here’s the lowdown on extending its life:

1. Easy on the Wattage

Think of wattage as your coil’s power level. Lower it to keep things cool and cozy. Don’t stress the coil – just find your sweet spot on your device’s buttons or screen. Stick to the numbers that jive with your coil type.

2. Be Liquid Compatible

Go for e-liquids that vibe with your coil. No one likes gunk or clogs. Check the label – make sure the PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength, and flavor match up with your coil’s taste.

3. Give it Some Love.

Prep your coil by soaking it. That’s priming! No dry hits, no funky taste. Drop some e-liquid on the wick holes and inside the coil. Chill for a bit so it can soak in.

4. Clean Time

Coils need a little spa day, too. Get rid of burnt gunk for better flavor. Burn it dry or let it soak in some alcohol – easy does it, though!

5. Switch Up the Flavors

Don’t let boredom set in. Swap e-liquids every now and then. Keeps your coil grooving and avoids flavor fatigue. Just empty and clean your tank before you make the switch.

How long does a coil last in puffs?

It varies, around 1000-2000 puffs usually. Factors like coil type, wattage, e-liquid, and care play a role.

Can old coils be reused?

If not burnt or damaged, yes. Clean them, but expect some loss in performance and flavor. New coils are better.

Can I use different coils?

Yes, if they fit and match device specs. Incorrect coils can harm your device.

How to determine the wattage for my coil?

Check the recommended range on the coil’s package. Experiment till you find your preference.

What are the benefits of changing coils regularly?

Better flavor, vapor, throat hit, less e-liquid use, no dry hits, safer vaping, device protection, and savings.


Hope you like our article on after how many puffs change coil. Vaping involves changing coils, a crucial task to keep in mind. Coils heat your e-liquid, creating the vapor you inhale. But coils wear out over time, impacting your vaping experience and health.

So, knowing when and how to change coils matters. When you spot signs like burnt taste, weak flavor, or low vapor, it’s time to swap coils. Check for damage or gunk, too, or use an ohm meter.

The frequency of change varies between coil type, wattage, e-liquid, and care matter. Usually, coils last 1-2 weeks. Some endure longer, and others don’t.

Replacing coils is simple. Turn off, empty tank, swap old for new coil, prime, refill, adjust, and vape on. Tips to extend coil life: lower wattage, right e-liquids, prime well, clean sometimes, and change e-liquids often.

Remember, changing coils boosts vaping quality and health. Feel free to ask any coil-related thoughts below.