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How to fix a smok nord

How to fix a smok nord – is it the question’s answer you are looking for; then you can help yourself. The Smok Nord is like a rock star in the pod world with its sleek style, epic battery life, and coil choices. Even rock stars have their off days—no need to stress if your Smok Nord is giving you a hard time. We’ve got your back on how to fix a smok nord. Let’s jump in & get that pod back on track!

How To Fix A Smok Nord – Top 6 Problem And Their Solutions:

The Smok Nord, a pretty popular vaping buddy, usually brings the fun. But hey, it’s tech, and tech can be moody. Let’s chat about the top 6 head-scratchers Nord fans might deal with and spill the tea on how to tackle them.

Dry hits from coils

Ever had that burnt taste while vaping your smok nord? Dry hits can be a real annoyance, giving you that harsh throat and lung irritation. They usually happen when your coil isn’t properly soaked in e-liquid, making it heat up too much. To dodge this, just nail the coil priming each time you swap it.

Priming your smok nord coils is easy:

1. Pop out the old coil after removing the pod from your device.

2. Slot in the new coil, aligning it with the contacts.

3. Fill the pod with your e-liquid and wait 10 mins. Let it soak the coil’s cotton wick.

4. Give a few puffs without hitting the fire button to draw in more e-liquid.

5. Reattach the pod, and you’re all set for smooth vaping.

Still, getting dry hits? It could be a burnt or faulty coil. Also, check your e-liquid level – top up if needed. Try lowering wattage or switching to a higher resistance coil for thick high-VG liquids.

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Leaking pods

Ever faced leaking pods with your Smok Nord? It’s messy and can harm your battery. Reasons for leaks include:

  •  Overfilling the pod too quickly
  • Exposing the pod to extreme temps
  • Using thin liquids for your coil
  • Inhaling too hard or often
  • Accidental drops or squeezes

Avoid leaks:

  • Fill up to the max line, no overfilling
  • Slowly fill, keep e-liquid away from the airflow
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Opt for high-VG liquids
  • Inhale gently, no chain vaping
  • Be gentle, avoid dropping

Fix leaks:

  • Remove the pod, wipe off excess liquid
  • Blow gently to clear the airflow
  • Swap out worn-out coils
  • If the pod’s cracked, replace it

Stuck pins

Got a smok nord? Facing a pin problem? Those pins that connect your pod and battery might get stuck, causing your device to act up. This can be due to dirt, dust, or gunk buildup on the pins, or even spring issues. Here’s what you can do:

  • Take out the pod and check those pins on both the pod and the battery. See any dirt? Swipe ’em clean with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Let ’em dry before snapping the pod back.
  • If they’re clean but still wonky, you might need to open up the device and tinker with the springs. For this, grab a tiny screwdriver, tweezers, and some patience.

    No atomizer message

Facing the “no atomizer” message on your smok nord? It’s when the device can’t detect the coil or pod to fire. Why? A few reasons:

  1. Coil isn’t snug or faulty.
  2. Contacts are dirty or damaged.
  3. Wrong or incompatible coil resistance.


  1. Pull out the pod, ensure the coil aligns with contacts, and click in.
  2. Take the coil off, and see if it’s clean and intact. Swap if needed.
  3. Match the right coil: subohm (0.6 ohm) or mouth-to-lung (1.4 ohm).
  4. Use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean the pod and battery contacts. Dry fully before reattaching the pod.

Autofiring or not firing

Do you have issues with your smok nord? It might fire up on its own (autofiring) or not fire when you want it to. Autofiring is when your device goes off without hitting the fire button. Not firing is when it’s silent even after pressing the fire button. Usually, these problems are because of the fire button or battery. Check these out:

  1. Fire button stuck or jammed? Clean it with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Tap it a few times to loosen it.
  2. Is the fire button dirty or corroded? Clean it with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Let it dry.
  3. Battery feeling low? Check the LED light. Red means less than 30% battery. Charge up. Flashing 15 times means a dead battery – time to charge.
  4. Seeing flashing LED lights (4 times)? The coil or pod might have a short circuit. (Flashing 5 times)? Overcurrent protection might be on due to low resistance or voltage. Fix? Swap out the coil or pod or adjust resistance/voltage.

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Charging issues

Having trouble charging your Smok Nord? No worries, let’s troubleshoot. First, check your charger and cable. Stick with the original ones or a compatible option. Cheap ones can harm your device.

Is your charging port dirty or damaged? Clean it with a swab dipped in alcohol. Ensure nothing’s blocking it, and that the cable is snug.

Don’t overcharge. Unplug when full; the LED turns green. Keep your Nord away from extreme temps for better performance.

Save power by lowering wattage, using higher resistance coils, or vaping less. Check if your battery meets your needs. The built-in 1100mAh battery lasts a day. Need more? Think about a spare battery or power bank.

How long does a Smok Nord coil last?

Coil life varies on factors like vaping frequency, e-liquid type, wattage, and upkeep. Typically, it goes a week to a month before needing a switch.

When is my Smok Nord pod empty?

Glance at the pod’s side e-liquid window. If it’s dry, it’s time to refill.

How to alter Smok Nord’s power mode?

Hit the fire button thrice. LED changes: red for low power (10W), orange for medium (12W), green for high (15W).

How do I lock or unlock my smok nord?

The fire button is pressed five times. LED blinks thrice – locked or unlocked.

How do I turn off my smok nord?

Press and hold the fire for three seconds. LED flashes five times when off.


Hope you like our article on how to fix a smok nord. The Smok Nord rocks as a pod system, giving you a top-notch vaping adventure with its sleek style, lasting battery, and coil options. Yet, like any gadget, it might hit a snag affecting its performance. In this read, we’ve covered common Smok Nord issues and quick fixes. Hope it aids you in troubleshooting and enjoying vaping!