How to Refill Hexa Pods

How to Refill Hexa Pods

Are you exploring the Hexa vape kit? or want to know how to refill Hexa pods? It’s a sleek pod system known for being satisfying. This lightweight, innovative device uses pre-filled nicotine salt pods for a great vaping experience. But can you refill Hexa pods? How? In this article, we’ve got answers on how to refill hexa pods and refilling tips.

What are Hexa Pods?

Hexa pods are these cool e-liquid pods that pop into your Hexa vape kit. The Hexa vape kit is like this pod mod with a 350mAh battery and even a magnetic charging spot. You just take a drag to make it work. No need to fuss with buttons.

Plus, this LED thingy shows how much battery you have left. And guess what? When you slide into the pods Dubai, it gives a little buzz to say, “Hey, all set!”

Inside those Hexa pods is a special mix of nicotine, like they blend freebase nicotine and nicotine salts. This mix is about giving you a nice hit in the throat and that nicotine fix, especially if you’re into stronger stuff. And you know what’s neat?

These pods use FEELM ceramic coils, so your battery stays happy, the flavor’s great, and no drippy mess.

Features of Hexa Pods

  • Hexa pods pack some cool features that set them apart from other pods. Check this out:
  •  Hold up to 2ml of e-liquid, good for around 300 puffs.
  •  With a 1.7ohm resistance, it is perfect for that mouth-to-lung vape style.
  •  Magnetic connection for effortless attachment and detachment.
  •  Sporting a hexagonal shape for that extra unique and comfy grip.
  •  Enjoy a cigarette-like feel with their smooth mouthpiece.

Flavors of Hexa Pods

Hexa pods offer a bunch of flavors to match your tastes:

  • Classic Tobacco: For the traditionalists.
  •  Cool Tobacco Menthol: A mix of tobacco and minty freshness.
  •  Sweet Blueberry: Juicy and delightful.
  •  Tangy Raspberry: A burst of fruity tang.
  •  Crisp Menthol: Icy coolness in every puff.
  •  Refreshing Mint: Smooth and revitalizing.

Why Refill Hexa Pods?

Hexa pods? They’re like disposable buddies. Don’t refill ’em. They’re not into that. But wait, some folks still want to play the refill game. Why? A couple of reasons:

  1. Save cash. Refilling = less dough spent. DIY juice or bulk buys = wallet dance.
  2.  Flavor adventure! Refill route = trying all the tasty e-liquid rainbow. Mix, match, and enjoy.
  3.  Eco-friendly mode. Refill = high-five to Earth. Reuse and don’t junk those pods.

Here are 5 Easy Steps on How to Refill Hexa pods:

Refilling Hexa pods is pretty easy. It just needs patience and skill. Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Take off the mouthpiece

First, remove the mouthpiece gently. A small screwdriver works. Be careful to keep the pod flavors the same.

Step 2: Remove the rubber seal

Next, take off the rubber seal covering the holes. Tweezers will do. Please don’t lose it or harm the pod.

Step 3: Add e-liquid

Now, fill your e-liquid. A syringe or needle-tip bottle helps. Refrain from filling; it might leak. Wipe off extra salt nic juice.

Step 4: Put back seal and mouthpiece

Put the rubber seal and mouthpiece back. Line up the seal and press. Snap the mouthpiece in place.

Step 5: Let the coil soak

In the last step, wait 10 minutes for the coil to soak the liquid. Then your pod’s ready to vape.

Tips and Tricks for Refilling Hexa Pods

Refilling your Hexa pods can be a fun experience, but it can get messy if not done right. Here are tips to help:

  1. Use a syringe or needle-tip bottle for precise filling.
  2.  Avoid overfilling or underfilling to prevent leaks or burnt taste.
  3.  Keep the pod and device clean to prevent clogs and damage.
  4.  Change pod if flavor decreases; refilling extends lifespan, but replacement is inevitable.

Can I refill vape pods?

Well, it hinges on your pod type. Some you can top up with your e-liquid, while others are disposable. Hexa’s vape pods come filled with a hybrid nicotine salt mix. These can’t be refilled. Swap when empty.

How to refill a juice pod?

Do you have a refillable pod system? Pull out the pod and find the fill spot, often under a rubber or silicone seal. Open it, stick your e-liquid nozzle in, and gently squeeze till full. Close it tight, and wipe extras. Wait a bit for the liquid on the coil to soak, then vape away.

How many puffs are in Hexa?

Hexa says each pod holds 2 ml liquid, about 300 puffs. Your style and frequency might shift the count a bit.

Can you charge Hexa vape?

Yep, Hexa charges with the kit’s magnetic USB charger. The battery’s 350 mAh is fully juiced in around an hour. The LED on it shows the charge level: red for low, blue for medium, and green for full.

How long does Hexa last?

Hexa’s battery does a day with moderate vaping. Pods give around 300 puffs or till the liquid’s gone. Switch pods if the flavor drops or it tastes burnt.

Why does Hexa taste burnt?

Burnt taste? Pod’s dry or coil’s toasted. Keep an eye on liquid levels; don’t chain-vape to overheat. Does the new pod taste burnt? It might be a dud; contact your seller’s service.

Time to switch when you notice less taste, vapor, burnt flavor, leaks, or gurgles. Replace damaged or dirty pods, too.

Can any e-liquid work for refilling Hexa pods?

Nope, only go for e-liquids suitable for Hexa pods. These pods need a balanced nicotine blend, 50/50 PG/VG, and 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength. Picking the wrong one could lead to leaks, poor performance, or issues.

How many refills for Hexa pods?

It varies on your vaping frequency, e-liquid use, and upkeep. Generally, you can go up to 3 refills before flavor and vapor drop.

When to swap out Hexa pods?

Time to switch when you notice less taste, vapor, burnt flavor, leaks, or gurgles. Replace damaged or dirty pods too.

Any risks in refilling Hexa pods?

Yes, refilling has its risks. You might lose your warranty, damage your gear, or expose yourself to chemicals or too much nicotine.

Where to purchase Hexa pods?

Find Hexa pods online or offline where vaping items are sold. Hexa’s official site can help you locate a nearby store or order online.

In Closing,

Hope you like our article on how to refill hexa pods. Refilling Hexa pods is a smart way to save money, explore different flavors, and reduce waste. But it’s not favored by the maker and might void your warranty. If you still want to refill, do it at your own risk and follow the steps closely.
Choose top-notch e-liquids compatible with Hexa pods, with matching nicotine levels and PG/VG ratios.
We hope this guide helped you grasp Hexa pod refilling. Do you have questions or thoughts? Drop them below.