How to Refill Novo Pod

How to Refill Novo Pod

Ever heard of the Novo pod? Or thinking about how to refill novo pod? It’s a trendy vape gadget that uses those refillable pods for your nicotine fix & flavors.

SMOK, a big name in the vaping world, makes it. The Novo pod keeps it classy and user-friendly with its slick cobra design, comfy mouthpiece, and a sensor that springs to action when you take a drag. Don’t worry about running out of juice – its 450mAh battery keeps you vaping all day.

What’s super cool about the Novo pod is that you can fill it up with whatever e-liquid floats your boat. Save cash, cut waste, and make your vaping uniquely yours. But here’s the deal: mastering the art of refilling takes some know-how.

You gotta pick the right e-liquid, learn how to refill novo pod, keep things spick and span, and dodge common issues. This guide walks you through it all.

7 Easy Steps Of How To Refill Novo Pod:

To refill a Novo pod, you need to follow these seven steps:

  1. Take out the pod gently from the battery.
  2.  Find the rubber plug on the pod’s side and pull it out to see the fill hole.
  3.  Use a dropper or needle-tip bottle to put e-liquid in the pod, leaving some space.
  4.  Push the rubber plug back in firmly to seal it.
  5.  Clean up any extra e-liquid on the pod and battery.
  6.  Pop the pod back into the battery and give it a few minutes for the e-liquid to soak in.
  7.  Now, you’re all set to vape and enjoy!

Benefits of Refilling Novo Pod

Why choose to refill your novo pod? Let’s break it down:

  1. 💰 Save cash, cut waste: Refilling saves money—e-liquids cost less than pre-filled pods. Reuse your pod multiple times. Less trash, and better for the planet.
  2.  🎨 Make it yours: Refilling = control. Pick e-liquids with nicotine, flavors, and ratios you like. Mix for unique blends.
  3.  ⏳ Device lives longer: No dry hits, leaks, or burnt coils with refilling. Keep it clean by wiping excess e-liquid off the pod Dubai and Device. Your Device will thank you.

How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for Novo Pod

Are you thinking about refilling your novo pod? First, pick the right e-liquid. Here’s what to think about:

  1. Nicotine and Flavor:
  2. Your choice depends on your taste and vaping plan. Cutting down on nicotine? Go for low-strength or nicotine-free e-liquid. Craving a hit? Opt for higher strength or nicotine salt e-liquid. Flavors? Think tobacco, mint, fruit, dessert, and more.
  3.  PG/VG Ratio:
  4. This mix matters. PG carries flavor and punch, and VG delivers vapor and smoothness. Stick to 50/50 or 60/40 PG/VG for your novo pod – it’s the sweet spot. More VG? Risk clogs. More PG? Expect harshness.
  5.  Quality and Freshness:
  6. Buy from trusted sources for top-notch e-liquids. Check expiration dates, too. Stash your e-liquid cool and dark to keep it fresh.

How to Prime and Fill Novo Pod

So, you’ve got your perfect e-liquid for your novo pod. Awesome! Now, let’s get it all set up. First things first, you have to make sure that the coil is good to go.

We call it priming. Basically, soak that coil with your e-liquid before the first use or when you swap it out. No one wants a dry hit or a burnt coil ruining their day.

Next up, it’s time to fill up that pod. Imagine it’s like giving your pod a nice refreshing drink. No one likes a thirsty pod. Here’s the deal:

Grab the Pod:

Take the pod off the Device. Just give it a gentle pull from the mouthpiece end. Easy peasy.

  1. Find the Hole:

See that little silicone tab on the side of the pod? It’s like a secret entrance to the pod’s insides. Lift it up carefully, and you’ll find a hole.

  1. Pour Carefully:

Take your e-liquid bottle and put its tip in that hole you just uncovered. No need to force it. Just a snug fit is good. We’re not trying to cause a mess here.

  1. Fill it Up:

Squeeze your e-liquid bottle gently and watch that pod get filled up. Slow and steady wins the race. Don’t go crazy and overfill. Leave a bit of space at the top – you know, for air to do its thing.

  1. Lock it Up:

Put that silicone tab back where it belongs. Give it a press until it’s snug. No loose ends.

  1. Chill for a Bit:

Let your pod sit for a bit, like 5 to 10 minutes. It’s like letting it marinate. This helps the e-liquid get cozy with the coil’s cotton wick.

  1. Pop it Back:

It’s time to reunite the pod flavors with the Device. Line up those contacts and give it a gentle push. You’ll feel and hear a click when it’s in place. No wobbles allowed.

  1. Vape Away:

Now comes the fun part. Put that mouthpiece to your lips and take a draw. Breathe it in. That’s the sweet satisfaction of a nicely primed and filled novo pod.

How to Clean and Maintain Novo Pod

To keep your novo pod in top shape and make it last longer, regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Cleaning means getting rid of excess e-liquid or residue on its surface and parts. Maintenance includes changing it if it’s burnt, leaking, or damaged. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Swipe Away Residue:

Use a clean cloth or paper towel to gently dab off any extra e-liquid or residue from the pod and Device. Remember, no water or alcohol – they could harm the electronics.

  1. Replace Worn-out Pod:

When your pod’s burnt, leaking, or damaged, just take it off and properly dispose of it. Don’t use a pod with bad taste, low vapor, cracks, or wet contacts. Grab new pods from SMOK’s site or trusted retailers.

  1. Smart Storage:

Keep your pod and Device cool and dry. Avoid hot spots, moisture, dirt, and direct sunlight. They can mess with your pod’s performance.

  1. No Extreme Conditions:

Protect your pod from extreme temps and sunlight. Skip vaping in super hot/cold places or expose it to fires or freezers. This saves your battery, coil, and e-liquid.

How to tell if your novo pod’s had enough?

Look for a burnt taste, weaker flavor, less vapor, cracks, a missing plug, or damp contacts. Swap it out when you spot any of these issues.

How often to top up your novo pod?

Whenever the e-liquid’s running low. Just peek at the side of the tank. Don’t wait till it’s dry – that can lead to burnt coils and not-so-fun dry hits.

How long before you need a new novo pod?

Depends on how much you use and care for it. Generally, expect 5 to 7 refills before swapping. But remember, e-liquid type, quality, and your vaping style play a role too.

Can you switch up e-liquids in a single pod?

Sure, if they play nice together and with your pod. Be ready for possible changes in taste, throat hit, and vapor. Rinse and dry your pod before changing to avoid odd flavors.

Where to get pods and e-liquids?

SMOK’s official site, trusted retailers, online, or local vape shops have you covered. Double-check for authenticity and quality – it’s worth it.

In a Nutshell:

Hope you like our article on how to refill novo pod. Refilling your novo pod rocks for a tailored vaping experience. It’s eco-friendly and wallet-friendly.
But remember, it takes a little know-how: choose the right e-liquid, prime, fill, clean, and dodge common problems. These tips are your guide to awesome vaping with your novo pod. Enjoy!

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