A Completed Guide How to Refill Vype Pods

How to Refill Vype Pods

How to Refill Vype Pods? Or Got a Vuse ePod? Those Vype pods are what you snap into the top. Remember, Vype ePod is now Vuse ePod. These pods are like flavor cartridges filled with nicotine-infused liquids. Tons of flavors & strengths to pick from. Designed to be easy, convenient, and satisfying for smokers switching to vaping.

But, guess what? Some vapers dig refilling their Vype pods with their own e-juice. It’s not official, but you can do it with tools & tricks.

Here’s how to refill Vype pods – easy steps. We’ll also help you pick the perfect e-liquid for your pods, clean and keep them up, and steer clear of common issues. Soon, you’ll rock your Vuse ePod with more choices and freedom.


Let’s chat about this before we dive in. Just a heads up, refilling Vype pods isn’t backed by Vuse, the folks behind the epod and its pods. It might mess up your warranty & mess with your device, or lead to leaks. Doing this is all on you – we’re not on the hook for anything that goes down when you refill Vype pods.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Refilling Vype Pods

Thinking of refilling your vype pods? Let’s weigh the pros and cons:


1. Save cash by reusing pods instead of buying new ones.

2. Mix it up with flavors and nicotine levels you love.

3. Help the planet by recycling and cutting down waste.


1. Pod quality might dip as time goes on.

2. Watch out for leaks, dry hits, and battery hiccups.

3. Warranty risk and potential device damage.

Easy Way – How to Refill Vype Pods

Ready to refill your vype pods? Grab these things:

  • Tweezers or a pin
  • Small screwdriver or knife
  • Syringe or dropper
  • Your favorite e-liquid
  • Paper towel or tissue

Now, let’s dive in:

1. Gently take out the pod from your device.

2. Use the tweezers or pin to pop out the rubber bung at the pod’s bottom.

3. With the screwdriver or knife, unhook the metal base from the plastic tank. A little twist should do it.

4. Gently pull out the cotton wick from the metal base.

5. Fill your syringe or dropper with your chosen e-liquid (the one that works with Vype pods, we’ll talk about that soon).

6. Put the e-liquid into the plastic tank where the bung was. Remember, 80% max to dodge leaks.

7. Pop the cotton wick back into the metal base, lining it up with the e-liquid hole.

8. Securely snap the metal base onto the plastic tank.

9. Seal the deal by sticking the rubber bung back at the pod’s bottom.

10. Tidy up any extra e-liquid with a tissue or paper towel.

11. Firmly push the pod back into your device.

12. Voilà! Your Vype pod is all refilled and good to go with your chosen e-liquid flavor. Enjoy the vape!

Tips and Tricks for Refilling Vype Pods

Here are some friendly tips to make refilling your vype pods a breeze:

1. Refill before empty to avoid dry hits and a burnt taste.

2. Avoid overfilling to prevent leaks and airflow issues.

3. Gently open and close pods to keep them in good shape.

4. Stick to one e-liquid for better flavor and no clogs.

5. Don’t overuse pods; quality and performance matter.

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How to Choose the Right E-Liquid for Vype Pods

Refilling vype pods has a big plus: more e-liquid choices for your liking. But not all e-liquids work well with vype pods, some might harm your device. Factors to ponder when picking an e-liquid:

1. Type: Nicotine comes in two forms: freebase and nicotine salt. Vype pods match best with nicotine salt for smoother hits and longer shelf life.

2. Strength: Nicotine strength matters (12 mg/ml or 18 mg/ml). Choose based on your needs.

3. PG/VG Ratio: High PG/VG ratio like 50/50 is best for vype pods. Avoid low ratios like 30/70.

4. Flavor: Personal preference rules here. Match flavor with nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio.

5. Quality: Choose known brands with natural ingredients. Check certifications and lab reports for safety.

How to Clean and Maintain Vype Pods

Want a better vaping experience? Taking care of your vype pods is key. Keep them clean for longer-lasting pods and awesome flavors. Let’s dive into the why and how:

Got vype pods? Keep ’em clean! Dirt and gunk buildup can mess with how your pods perform. Plus, it keeps your e-liquid pure.

Don’t let residues spoil the fun. Cleaning your vype pods stops them from messing with your flavor. No one wants leaks or blockages either.

Keep your pods in check. Watch that cotton wick – it’s the e-liquid messenger. Too dry or too wet and you’ll taste burnt hits or dry puffs.

Coil on the fritz? Swap it out. Coils turn e-liquid into vapor. Worn-out coils mean sad pods.

Ready for some tips on pod TLC?


Taking care of your vype pods is essential. How often? Well, it depends on how much you vape & the e-liquid you use. Easy rule: clean them each time you refill or once a week.

Now, here’s the kicker. If you’re a vaping champ or dig e-liquids with intense nicotine, lots of PG/VG, or deep hues, listen up. You might need to give your vype pods some extra TLC. Why? ‘Cause these things can lead to more gunk and quicker coil wear.

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Methods for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Vype Pods

Cleaning Your Vype Pods

Here’s how you can clean your Vype pods using basic stuff: 1. Gently pull out the pod from your device. 2. Wipe off any extra e-liquid with a paper towel.

3. Clean out dirt using a cotton swab, especially at the bottom part.

4. Fill a small bowl with warm water or rubbing alcohol (not hot!).

5. Dip the pod in the liquid for a bit to get rid of residue.

6. Take it out and give it a shake to remove excess liquid.

7. Dry the pod with a fresh paper towel.

Maintaining Your Vype Pods

To keep your Vype pods in shape, do this:

1. Gently remove the pod from your device.

2. Use tweezers or a pin to take out the rubber bung at the bottom.

3. With a screwdriver or knife, separate the metal base from the plastic tank.

4. Pull out the cotton wick using tweezers or a pin.

5. Check the wick; if dry, wet it with e-liquid using a dropper.

6. If the coil is dirty, replace it.

7. Put the wick back in, aligning it where e-liquid flows.

8. Reattach the metal base securely.

9. Pop the rubber bung back in the bottom.

10. Wipe away extra e-liquid.

11. Push the pod back into your device.

Replacing Vype Pods

At some point, you’ll need to swap out your Vype pod:

1. If your pod leaks even after cleaning and refilling, time to change.

2. Little vapor or burnt taste? Swap the pod.

3. Gurgling or weird sounds? Time for a new one.

4. Cracks, dents, or loose? Get a fresh pod.

5. To replace, buy from Vapetudo, various flavors available.

Any e-liquid works for vype pods?

No, go for high PG/VG nicotine salt e-liquids like 50/50 or 60/40. Quality matters for flavor that fits your taste.

How often refill vype pods?

About 5 times, based on vaping frequency, cleaning, and e-liquid. Replace if needed.

Prevent leaks when refilling?

Don’t overfill (80% max), open gently, use one e-liquid, store right.

Enhance refilling experience?

Clean pods, moisten wick and coil, match e-liquid to pod specs.

Where to buy pods and e-liquids?

Get them at authorized sellers or Vapetudo. Choose preferred flavors and strengths.


Hope you like our article on how to refill Vype pods. Refilling Vype pods lets you customize your vaping and save cash by reusing pods. However, remember Vuse doesn’t endorse it, and it might void the warranty, harm your device, or lead to leaks.

If you refill, follow guidelines for safety and efficiency. Pick compatible e-liquids, keep pods clean, and maintain them. These tricks expand your vuse epod options.