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Pyne Pod 8500: Ultimate Vaping Experience in Dubai

  1. Boost mode for enhanced flavor and larger vapor production.
  2. Colorful Display indicating liquid and battery levels.
  3. Quick 30-minute charging port for convenience.
  4. 6000 to 8500 puffs per device based on wattage.
  5. Equipped with a powerful 550mAh Integrated Battery.
  6. Contains 50MG (5.0%) Nicotine for a satisfying experience.
  7. Intuitive button functions for easy device control.
  8. Two power modes for extended vaping enjoyment.
  9. Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism for effortless use.
  10. Type-C USB Port for efficient charging.
  11. Attractive packaging and design.
  12. Available in a range of delectable flavors.