Do you want to vape like a pro? Are you tired of tobacco and its harmful effects? If you said yes, then you need Podsalt. It’s the best nicotine salt e-liquid out there. It’s smooth, satisfying, and long-lasting. Trust me, you’ll love it.

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Nexus 2000 Puffs: The Ultimate Vape Experience in Dubai

  1. 2000 Puffs: Prolonged enjoyment for your on-the-go lifestyle.
  2. Customizable Airflow: Tailor your experience to perfection.
  3. No Maintenance: Hassle-free and ready to vape.
  4. Premium Flavors: A range of tantalizing options.
  5. Fast Nicotine Absorption: A smoother transition from smoking.
  6. Compact Design: Pocket-friendly for ultimate convenience.
  7. 1000mAh Battery: Power that lasts as long as you do.
  8. 6ml E-Liquid: Rich, satisfying flavors in every puff.
  9. Variety of Flavors: From fruity to indulgent, find your favorite.
  10. Pure Cobalt Cells: Ensures a reliable and safe power source.
  11. Multiple Shipping Options: Available across Emirates.
  12. Long Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with your purchase.

Pod Salt Core liquid 20mg/ml 30ml

Product Specification :
  1. 20 mg or 2% nicotine
  2. 30 ml
  3. vegetable glycerin 50%
  4. propylene glycol 50%
  5. made in UK

Pod Salt Go Grape 20mg/Ml-2500 Puffs: Juicy Grape Bliss!

  1. Flavor: Aromatic, sweet, and juicy grape
  2. Nicotine Strength: 20mg/ml
  3. Puff Count: 2500 puffs
  4. Convenience: Disposable, no charging or refilling
  5. Size: Compact and portable design
  6. Depth: Rich and refreshing grape flavor layers
  7. Technology: Advanced vaping technology for a consistent experience
  8. Draw Activation: No buttons, simply inhale
  9. Construction: Durable materials for lasting use
  10. Safety: Overuse protection mechanism
  11. Packaging: Sealed for freshness and hygiene
  12. Compatibility: Suitable for Dubai's vaping community

Pod Salt SUBO 3MG liquid 50 ML

Product Specification :
  1. 3% nicotine
  2. 50 ml
  3. Vagetable glycerine 70%
  4. Propylene glycol 30%
  5. Made in uk

What is Podsalt?

Podsalt is a UK brand known for nicotine salts & it is very popular in Dubai, UAE. Their e-liquids have a unique blend of nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, salicylic acid, and natural/artificial flavors. This mix gives you quicker nicotine effects and longer satisfaction compared to regular e-liquids.

Nicotine salt, found naturally in tobacco leaves, is gentler than freebase nicotine in standard e-liquids. It's more body-friendly with a smoother throat hit, less irritation, and no coughing, thanks to its lower pH.

Podsalt's e-liquids suit any pod system or low-wattage device compatible with nicotine salt. They're available in 10ml bottles with nicotine strengths ranging from 11mg/ml to 20mg/ml. Pick from various flavors like fruit, mint, tobacco, dessert, or ice – Podsalt has something for everyone.

Why Choose Podsalt?

Podsalt isn't just your average nicotine salt brand. It's all about your health, satisfaction, and lifestyle. Why choose Podsalt, you ask?

First, Podsalt has earned accolades from various organizations and publications, like the Vapouround Awards 2019, Ecigclick Awards 2019, and Vape Jam UK 2019. It's an award-winning brand recognized for quality and innovation.

Next, Podsalt is proudly made in the UK by Xyfil Ltd, a top e-liquid manufacturer. They've got a top-notch facility, stringent quality standards, and a dedicated R&D team, always improving Podsalt's formulas and flavors.

But here's the kicker: Podsalt is all about helping smokers switch to vaping. They offer support and guidance to make that transition smoother. Millions have already made the switch; why not start today and change your life with Podsalt?

And the best part? Podsalt is suitable for everyone, whether you're a vaping pro or just starting out. Their e-liquids are user-friendly, convenient, and budget-friendly, delivering quality and flavor anytime, anywhere.

How to Use Podsalt?

Using Podsalt's e-liquids is a breeze. Here's how:

  1. Pick your favorite flavor and nicotine strength from Podsalt's selection.
  2. Fill your pod or tank as per your device's instructions.
  3. Attach your pod or tank, then power it up.
  4. Take a puff from the mouthpiece and savor the smooth vapor.

Want more fun? Try mixing Podsalt flavors! Like Blueberry Jam Tart with Vanilla for a tasty dessert twist or Mango Ice with Menthol for a refreshing tropical kick.

Podsalt's diverse product range:

1. Podsalt Core

It's the OG lineup with six classic flavors - Blackcurrant Menthol, Blue Ice, Blueberry Jam Tart, Cigarette, Ice Menthol, and Mixed Berries.

2. Podsalt Fusions: 

Collaboration magic with flavors like Amnesia Mango, Apple Taffy, Banana Ice, Blood Orange Citrus Guava, Cola with Lime, and Lemon Cake.

3. Podsalt Origin: 

Inspired by tobacco origins with Cuban Creme, Havana Gold, Virginia Tobacco, and Turkish Tobacco.

4. Podsalt Go: 

For easy vaping on the Podsalt go with Black Ice, Blue Raspberry, Double Apple, Lychee Ice, Mango Ice, and Mixed Berries Ice options.

5. Podsalt Go Zero: 

Nicotine-free enjoyment with the same flavors - Black Ice, Blue Raspberry, Double Apple, Lychee Ice, Mango Ice, Mixed Berries Ice, and Strawberry Kiwi.

6. Nexus: 

A premium choice for intense flavors, including Berry Fruits, Black Jack, Cherry Cola, Fruit Cereal, Lemon Sherbet, and Vanilla Custard.

Where to Buy Podsalt?

You can grab Podsalt e-liquids online or in-store worldwide. Check out Vapetudo, a top spot for Podsalt online shopping. They've got speedy delivery, secure payments, and top-notch customer service.

Vapetudo stocks Podsalt's e-liquids - core, fusion, and nexus flavors, plus disposables, shortfills, and accessories.

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Vapetudo's your go-to for vaping needs. Whether you're new or a pro, they've got you covered. Visit their site today to discover their awesome products and services.

Is Pod Salt a good brand?

Pod Salt makes e-liquids and disposables with salt nicotine. They've got loads of flavors and strengths for all tastes. Customers mostly love their stuff, praising the quality, taste, and smoothness. 

They get a 4.5 out of 5 stars overall from 50 reviews. But, some folks have had trouble with bottles and flavors. So, whether Pod Salt rocks depends on you, check 'em out on their site or Vapetudo for more info!

What country is pod salt from?

Pod Salt is a UK-based brand known for its nicotine salt e-liquids. They craft British-made e-liquids that offer a super smooth and refreshing vaping experience. 

Their premium nicotine salt formula kicks in quickly, lasts longer, and brings more satisfaction than regular e-liquids. Plus, they offer various flavors, from classic tobacco to fruity and dessert options. 

If you're looking for convenience, check out Pod Salt GO, their line of pre-filled disposable devices. They're all about helping smokers transition from tobacco with top-notch alternatives.

What's the difference between nicotine salt and freebase nicotine?

Nicotine salt is natural tobacco nicotine with a milder throat feel than freebase nicotine. It absorbs faster, giving a quicker, longer-lasting hit.

Why choose nicotine salt e-liquids?

Nicotine salt e-liquids offer a smoother throat hit, faster nicotine delivery, lasting satisfaction, and a closer smoking experience. They're cost and battery-efficient.

How do you pick the right Podsalt nicotine strength?

Heavy smokers (20+ cigs/day) go for 20mg/ml, moderate (10-20 cigs/day) opt for 11mg/ml, and light smokers (<10 cigs/day) choose 0mg/ml for nicotine-free vaping.

How to use Podsalt products?

Simple! Use a compatible device, select your preferred Podsalt e-liquid, fill it following the instructions, wait briefly for the coil to prime, then vape and enjoy.

Where can I buy Podsalt products?

You can find Podsalt products online at their official website or at authorized retailers like Vape Club, Electric Tobacconist, and Vape Superstore. Use their store locator for nearby options.


Podsalt, a top-notch nicotine salt e-liquid brand, delivers a smooth, satisfying, and lasting vaping experience. Made in the UK, their premium e-liquids boast diverse flavors and nicotine strengths. This award-winning brand supports smokers in transitioning to vaping, catering to all experience levels and preferences.

Ready to try Podsalt's e-liquids? You can easily find them online or at various global retailers. Vapetudo, an online vape shop, stands out as an excellent option, offering quick delivery, secure payments, and top-notch customer service.

Why wait? Order your Podsalt e-liquids today and savor the ultimate vaping delight.